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Spirit Polish

Spirit polish

Our Ready Wood Spirit polish is a specialized solution formulated to cleanse and protect various types of natural wood. It has capacity of 250 ml, this polish solution effectively nourishes and enhance the beauty of wood surfaces without causing any damage. It rejuvenates woods by fixing their natural shine.

Our ready Wood polish is suitable for your sculptures, wooden frames, furniture, wooden door and other decorative wooden items. It’s a unique blend that ensures longevity and protection of woods and imparts an original wooden fragrance. This ready wood spirit polish deeply cherishes and maintains the integrity of wood furniture and other accessories.

The ready Wood polish guarantees optimal results right after its application start its act rapidly and effectively without compromising the integrity of the wooden objects. It is easy to use and provides instant polishing and shine.

Instructions for use spirit polish:

  1. Clean the surface for all the dirt
  2. Rub it with a sand paper and clean with plain soft cotton cloth (malmal)
  3. Apply the polish with a clean cotton cloth gently to the wood.
  4. Apply thoroughly to ensure lasting effects.
  5. Apply varnish as final coat

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