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How to Select Paint Color For Your Home

How to select paint color for your home -paint point

Many of us struggling with how to select paint color for your home ? This is the biggest decision that anyone have to take while renovating your home. Did you know that a good color contrast makes that room big and lively, on the other hand, the same room can be turned into a calm place to rest? Nowadays, open-plan house structures are in trend where A dining place, kitchen, and Living rooms are the same place and the whole place have to be defined with the use of different paint colors. Here we have some important tips to explain that how to select paint color for you home and take maximum outcome from this.

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How to select paint color according to space

First of all, keep in mind that every room has a completely different atmosphere.  So first think that how you will use that space for example your kitchen will be vibrant, fresh, and creative, on the other hand, your bedroom will be a calm and relaxed area of your home where you can rest.

Select paint color according to your furniture

When you are planning to color your room it is important to think about the furniture and fabric that we’ll use in the area and then a contrast of them. For example, consider three to four paint colors then take that three colors and use another contrast of all of them. After that when you have decided on all colors for home renovation then give splash of a color to the entire home to give uniformity and connection among all the rooms of the house.

Using different paint types to create an outstanding effect

If paint colors are used wisely then it will create a drastic change in your room. One wall with a semi-gloss finish and the other three walls with matte paint creating a glossy effect when the light will hit that wall.  You can also paint the wall with colors and the ceiling with glossy paint it will create a sheen effect and light reflection. When you are painting your room keep this in your mind that the more glossy the surface the more attention will capture. If used wisely this contrast of matt and gloss is the best asset of interior décor.

Match the colors with your feelings

We all know that every color has a different meaning. choose a color according to you the nature you want to create in your room. Every color has a meaning like Red is a color of appetite and high blood pressure, yellow color is an inviting color but should be used in a place where creative ideas are required like a library, a writing place but should be avoided in bedrooms.  blue and greens are used for calming effect. Purple is liked by the children.  dining area, kitchen, and living room should be colored with warm colors that will create love and affection among family members. Daffodil yellow, Cranberry, and coral color are good for such areas. Sage green sky blue or violet color should be used in bedrooms, powder rooms, and offices.

Know your whites

White that are clean and clear is used for the ceiling to create a clear effect of a room. They are formulated without using an undertone.  But there are two types of whites cooler whites and warmer whites.

Warmer whites are prepared with some tints of yellow, orange, rust, pink, and brown. They are Used to create a cozier effect in large spaces on the other hand a cooler white is prepared with grey, green, and blue undertones and used to create a larger effect and open up effect in the rooms choose your whites according to your area.

Make the small spaces cozier and bigger

light colors can used to represent an open or large area on the other hand dark color create a look of smaller room then actually it is. Crisp white is a color that makes a space bigger. For small area that you want to show large and open up use rust color or green.

  • Two different color in same room

Are  you thinking to use two different color in same room. Yes it is possible and look attractive if used wisely. Suppose you can use green color in a room and color a wall with contrast color that has a bookshelf. It will enhance the furniture and architecture of the room and simply create a unique look. It will enhance the bookshelf and create simply an amazing look.

  • Treat your ceiling as a fifth wall.

Always treat your signing as a 5th wall of a Room. Generally, people use white color for the ceiling as white color leaves an effect of an airy room. This purpose can be achieved by using lighter colors on the ceilings as compared to the color of the wafts of the room. For this purpose take your shades card and see the color you have selected and then go 2 to 3 shades lighter as compared to the chosen color and paint your ceilings. In  the result your room will look bigger. In bathrooms you can even paint same color of your ceiling.

Decorate from dark to light

Most of the interior specialist have a tip to decorate from dark to light which means that take your floor darker color, medium colors on your walls and light color on the ceiling This is a perfect method of color to enhance the beauty of home.

  • Trendiest color

Which is the ever-trendiest color? The answer is grey. You can use it everywhere. And you can represent it as coolest and warmer color according to your space.

  • Contrast cool and warm colors

Are you afraid of creating a contrast among cool and warm colors? don’t get afraid as the contrast of these both give an amazing result in your room. For example you can take Gray and mustard combination To create warm and cool effect.

  • Use dark colors in your rooms

Many people think that using dark color in Room will make the space smaller but using dark colors wisely will create drastic effect on rooms.  The dark colors are best for hanging art they actually create a neutral tone in your room It also go good with patterns, Even if your furniture have patterns, your throws, pillows have patterns you can use.

So here we have discussed all the aspects regarding How to select paint color for your home?

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