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How to remove paint stains from Carpet


How to remove paint stains from Carpet

The great thing about paint is that it creates a new look, creativity and craft in your room.  Renovation project is just a wow thing for all of us to enjoy, a new look but the left Paint stains give an awful look to your newly painted room. when these stains are left on carpet all the fun goes away and panic starts. Most of the people rush toward the showroom for a brand new carpet. But wait! Here we have some very interesting and easy ways that tell how to remove the paint stains from carpet and to stop buying a new carpet.

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Stains from carpet

Stain removing is not a difficult task but it totally depends upon how much time that stain is older. If the stain is newer and noticed early it can remove easily but if the stains got dry it will take time to remove but nothing is impossible in this world. As we all know No one like a stained carpet so try these methods  to remove old stains, it might be tricky methods but all are tried and tested. Here, we will discuss everything in detail with you So let’s get started and read what is need to be done here.

First of all prefer to cover your carpet with a sturdy material so the paint will not spill. But after many precautionary steps if this happens you can follow following steps to get rid of stains.

First of all you have to know the nature of your paint so see the tin packing of your paint to find out the nature of your paint. Paint may be a oil-based paint or it may be a water based paint.

Water based paint from carpet

Emulsion based paints are water-based paints and these paints stains can be removed easily by following method.

  • If your stain is wet and new dip a ball of cotton in a paint thinner or acetone spirit. Rub this cotton ball on the stains carefully and gently to remove the stains.

If the stain doesn’t Remove as they are drier and older then you have to follow the following important steps.

  • Dip the piece of the carpet that is stained from paint in water. Add some mild detergent or dishwashing liquid in water. Don’t rub vigorously as it will ruin the carpet and stains will penetrate in carpet pile. Leave it for some time to get the stains soften and remove easily.  After some time wash the carpet piece gently.
  • If this method is not working for your carpet then you can try a vinegar mixture with water. Dip a piece of cloth in this mixture and start rubbing very gently the stained area. Gently removing will not damage the carpet pile and after some time the stain will transfer to the cloth. Try to take a white cloth.
  • When you have remove a paint stain then wash it off with clean water and try to pick small paint residue that are left on carpet surface. Keep it in dry area to get air dry.

Acrylic paint stains from carpet

If the paint stain that is required to remove is acrylic paint then it is slightly tricky for you to remove these stains.

  • If the stain is newer and still wet then place a paper towel on it to remove the stains completely. You can also use a nail Polish remover on slight wet paint to remove it but don’t use it vigorously as it will damage the whole carpet pile.
  • If the stain is older and tougher, now take a toothbrush rub slowly to remove the paint stains from Carpet.
  • If this method doesn’t work another method is to make a mixture of mild detergent with water and mix it completely. Dip a paper towel in it and rub gently on the paint stains on the carpet. If there is still some paint remaining then spray some mixture of water and detergent on the carpet and rub gently repeat this method two to three times to get effective results.
  • Let it air dry and hoover it to restore its fibers.

Gloss paint stains from carpet

Many gloss paints are oil-based paints that give them a resin to wear a hard quality. These paints are more tricky paints to remove their stains. A fresh stain of oil-based paint is quite easy to remove as compared to the older stain of paint. So always treat the gloss paint quickly when you notice it.

There are many market based paint cleaners available at stores that are very good in cleaning your carpet’s stains.  You can follow the instructions written on the paint cleaners to remove the paint stain.  You can also use a nail paint remover to get rid of such stains. after removing the stain wash your carpet which shampoo to remove the smells of chemicals and enjoy your fresh carpet. but if you don’t have any market-based cleaner available then you can follow the described below method.

  • Smudge a wet paint stain with a dry paper towel, avoid scrubbing.
  • Prepare a thin mixture of acetone with water and dab it with a paper towel to completely remove the stains.
  • Alternatively, you can also use turpentine.
  • If the paint stain is dried, You can use a handheld steamer to soften the paint you can also use a blunt knife or a blade to remove paint stains.
  • Once the stain is lifted and there is no residue left on the carpet, Clean the carpet with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. Let it dry in the air and Hoover it later to lift its fiber.

Here we have discussed a lot of methods to remove the paint stain. let’s summarize our discussion by saying that the paint stains can be removed from market-based carpet cleaners, alcohol, dishwasher liquid mixture, soap and water mixture, steamer, and scraping with a blunt knife or blade. And we hope that by trying any of these methods now you have gotten rid of tricky and tougher paint stains. Now the thing is to wash your carpet to remove the bad smell of paint, chemicals, or acetone.

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